Monthly Archives: May 2017

Prison Ethereal

Strong bars glimmer in the light, not of steel or lucite,

Travail crushes the soul, inside and out, but not whole.

Pushing, pulling, pealing, popping, but not prevailing,

What doesn’t dare dispatch you cold, slowly steels your soul.

Hubris, a dark coop self made, self restrained, and self laid.


Brimming top to bottom, while cruel baffles box our bodies,

Trepidation enlightens a cold acceptation.

Struggle, strain, strip, and strike she doesn’t slip in the night,

A cruel mistress, mire and mirrors, master of care,

Haunts us haughtily, while her heart hurts us mightily.


Obduration is a deadly fiend, so dark and mean,

Terror is her tool to throw you in her sinking pool.

Rip and rave, row and writhe, wrest yourself of rancid pride.

Adoption frees a friend from his own fiery end, and

Hope is found when finding follows faith above the ground.

Coram Deo – 5/5/17