A Coward Not

A coward I cannot be,
Not when so much fear inhabits me.
Fear that feeds and fuels a weary soul.
A fear that drives away the cold.

Questions unanswered in the dark.
Perhaps now I won’t be torn apart,
Blood curtailing fear,
Thrusts me here.

A force likened to none,
To strong with which to contend
Life to my bones,
And purpose to my feet.

Without it now I would die,
There would be no reason for me to try.
Try to live without it now,
And I will surely bow.

Bow a loser’s knee,
To life’s humility.
Without true fear,
I have nothing to hold dear.

Thought to be lost here and now,
Forever I bow to fear’s life here; now.

by Ryan Wormald

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