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Prison Ethereal

Strong bars glimmer in the light, not of steel or lucite,

Travail crushes the soul, inside and out, but not whole.

Pushing, pulling, pealing, popping, but not prevailing,

What doesn’t dare dispatch you cold, slowly steels your soul.

Hubris, a dark coop self made, self restrained, and self laid.


Brimming top to bottom, while cruel baffles box our bodies,

Trepidation enlightens a cold acceptation.

Struggle, strain, strip, and strike she doesn’t slip in the night,

A cruel mistress, mire and mirrors, master of care,

Haunts us haughtily, while her heart hurts us mightily.


Obduration is a deadly fiend, so dark and mean,

Terror is her tool to throw you in her sinking pool.

Rip and rave, row and writhe, wrest yourself of rancid pride.

Adoption frees a friend from his own fiery end, and

Hope is found when finding follows faith above the ground.

Coram Deo – 5/5/17

Internal Tormenter

My head in my hands,

My thoughts drift from here to there,

Yet somehow they always,

Always come back to you:

My internal tormentor.

I guess this pain is good.

How else would I know I am alive,

Without you tormenting me?

My love, my torturer.

To be away from you

Tears at me.

To be near to you,

Kills me.

With you apart from me,

My only hope is your return,

With you here with me,

My only thought is you to be closer.

My unownable obsession,

Free like the wind you are.

Can I catch you in a net?

Can I trap you with a cage?

My foolish mind wishes,

You in my pocket dwell.

It is so hard to protect,

That which is free.

You have liquefied my heart,

And heated my soul.

Your touch scares and comforts me.

The world becomes haze,

A blur in your presence.

My hands quiver at the sight,

The touch of your beautiful lips,

And they long for your soft skin.

Your crystal, angelic eyes,

Oppresses any hint of my bitterness.

Your voice too magnificently calm,

And beautiful for my ears.

Your gentle yet strong spirit,

Has encaged me.

Your Godliness is displayed,

For the world to praise.

Your worth is too lofty,

For mortals to consider.

If you ever knew,

I have become your servant for life…

The truth is I want you to know.

I desire you to see,

All that you mean to me.

You are my hearts tormentor,

You are my greatest earthly Joy.

I hold you over all, except Father.

I love you more dearly than myself,

Don’t you know I killed myself,

And again I will die for you,

If you ask me too,

My lovely tormentor.

I Hate I

I have become that which I abhor

Everything evil nothing I adore.

I have brought my own demise

To this, my solid placid door,

And there is the terror in my eyes forevermore.


My hope did drown in mid flight,

Due the lack of Godly fright.

Whom do I serve in this life,

Is it I or something more bright?

Like one who holds life with a little more bite.


The meaning of my life is clear,

When I hold it most dear.

Perhaps a fool am I

But will this fool ever disappear

Or try and buy my filthy conscience clear?

Darkness of Old

I feel the old darkness coming again

And it is laying a hold of me.

It is like a shadow falling down

And I cant feel to breathe.


There is a light shinning there too

And it is awakening life in me.

Like a strong wind coming through

And I don’t have to breathe.

Curiosity Kills

Curiosity opened my wrists

And spilled the warmth in my veins

As the heat left my wounds

A shiver went down my spine.

My spine now locking

Clutched at my heart.

As my heart lost its beat

It cursed my stomach

And commanded the bile beneath

To release and spew forth.

As the acid rotted my nose

It was filled, overwhelmed

With the stench of my curiosity,

And with it I died.

All Alone

All we want is something to touch,

And when it’s gone we’ve had enough.

Disgust fuels an empty mind,

And leaves a heart wholly untwined.

Too many days left at the last,

Alone thinking of what has gone past.

Bitterness rots a healthy heart,

And beckons life to depart.

The future looks to far to catch,

While the present kills the rest.

Fear composes an ugly tune,

And swallows light well past noon.

A Coward Not

A coward I cannot be,
Not when so much fear inhabits me.
Fear that feeds and fuels a weary soul.
A fear that drives away the cold.

Questions unanswered in the dark.
Perhaps now I won’t be torn apart,
Blood curtailing fear,
Thrusts me here.

A force likened to none,
To strong with which to contend
Life to my bones,
And purpose to my feet.

Without it now I would die,
There would be no reason for me to try.
Try to live without it now,
And I will surely bow.

Bow a loser’s knee,
To life’s humility.
Without true fear,
I have nothing to hold dear.

Thought to be lost here and now,
Forever I bow to fear’s life here; now.

by Ryan Wormald

Have a Sore Throat?

Have a sore throat?
Sooth it in my blood.
Does your head hurt?
Smash my skull in.
Feet racked in pain?
Hammer a nail in mine.
Stomach not feel right?
Disembowel me with a knife.
Do I disagree?
Lop off my head.
Can your eyes not see?
Stick mine with a stake.

I’m here to bleed for you,
I’m here to be your pain.
Feed on my flesh,
Gain yours again.
Sometimes we just need release
My pain can bring you peace.

Can you not reach?
Cut me at the knees.
Are your hands too weak?
Mount mine on your wall.
Do you not smell?
Burn up all my air.
Does your skin itch?
Cut mine into ribbons.
Is your blood too thin?
Eat my brains.
Can your tongue taste?
Burn mine with fire.

Swim in my blood,
It was made for you
To drown your sorrows in.
Liar I want you to consume
My world and drink my blood.
I want to be your pain.

by Ryan Wormald