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Internal Tormenter

My head in my hands,

My thoughts drift from here to there,

Yet somehow they always,

Always come back to you:

My internal tormentor.

I guess this pain is good.

How else would I know I am alive,

Without you tormenting me?

My love, my torturer.

To be away from you

Tears at me.

To be near to you,

Kills me.

With you apart from me,

My only hope is your return,

With you here with me,

My only thought is you to be closer.

My unownable obsession,

Free like the wind you are.

Can I catch you in a net?

Can I trap you with a cage?

My foolish mind wishes,

You in my pocket dwell.

It is so hard to protect,

That which is free.

You have liquefied my heart,

And heated my soul.

Your touch scares and comforts me.

The world becomes haze,

A blur in your presence.

My hands quiver at the sight,

The touch of your beautiful lips,

And they long for your soft skin.

Your crystal, angelic eyes,

Oppresses any hint of my bitterness.

Your voice too magnificently calm,

And beautiful for my ears.

Your gentle yet strong spirit,

Has encaged me.

Your Godliness is displayed,

For the world to praise.

Your worth is too lofty,

For mortals to consider.

If you ever knew,

I have become your servant for life…

The truth is I want you to know.

I desire you to see,

All that you mean to me.

You are my hearts tormentor,

You are my greatest earthly Joy.

I hold you over all, except Father.

I love you more dearly than myself,

Don’t you know I killed myself,

And again I will die for you,

If you ask me too,

My lovely tormentor.

I Hate I

I have become that which I abhor

Everything evil nothing I adore.

I have brought my own demise

To this, my solid placid door,

And there is the terror in my eyes forevermore.


My hope did drown in mid flight,

Due the lack of Godly fright.

Whom do I serve in this life,

Is it I or something more bright?

Like one who holds life with a little more bite.


The meaning of my life is clear,

When I hold it most dear.

Perhaps a fool am I

But will this fool ever disappear

Or try and buy my filthy conscience clear?

All Alone

All we want is something to touch,

And when it’s gone we’ve had enough.

Disgust fuels an empty mind,

And leaves a heart wholly untwined.

Too many days left at the last,

Alone thinking of what has gone past.

Bitterness rots a healthy heart,

And beckons life to depart.

The future looks to far to catch,

While the present kills the rest.

Fear composes an ugly tune,

And swallows light well past noon.

Pale and Paler

Pale and Paler went together down
To hew a tale and watch him drown.
They left the road and went around
Saw him fall and hit; the last sound.

On their journey far and wide
They touched a girl and watched her cry.
The doctors cut and let him die
Ate her spirit as it passed them by.

Along they went to the time
Drinking the blood of many a mind
Until they crossed the most sacred line
And fell beneath the fiery rind.

by Ryan Wormald

Apathy Kills Herself

Go ahead and burn.
Soak yourself and ignite.
Its about time you fry,
And crawl after the worm.

Every step is closer still,
Deeper into Hell you go.
Always seeking after the thrill,
And going out for the show.

You spit at all the good,
And yet hope for the best.
Why can’t you do as you should,
And stop beating your chest.

Your face makes me sicker still.
While you have lost the race,
And victory doesn’t come in a pill,
Nor can you buy your place.

Apathy, you though, was nice,
But for it you will pay time.
Your closed mind feeds your vice,
While false beliefs compound your crime.

By your withheld hand,
Did many an innocent die.
Your complacent demands
Helped their killers lie.

You told yourself and them,
That life is found outside.
What a fanciful ugly whim,
And a sure way to die.

Can’t you see the sight.
You’re the one to blame.
You’ve killed all that’s right;
Have brought us all to shame.

This world in which you fight
Has no innocence still.
You have not improved its plight
But rather have helped it kill.

Give up your selfish climb
See your not the cure,
Perhaps you’ll escape the lime,
If you only look to the Pure.

by Ryan Wormald