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Ode To Family

On this day of birth, I will look back and see,

And tell of all the love that was given to me.

It was not long ago, nor much time to certain eyes,

That I was a child, who would receive many a surprise.

But the greatest gift ever given to me,

Was the love that would make me to be.

Looking back I can tell and remember of many a reply,

That would build in me and within, my strength solidify.

Though the years have come and given us leave.

I will never forget those within my family,

Who have loved this child and have formed my eyes,

I will remember all of them, for they are my prize.

To them I owe all of what I am to be,

For they made me be who I am to be, Me.


-Coram Deo

Invisible Touch

He doesn’t know, nor can tell,

But he affects more than he sees.

Their false show, is their hell,

But he doesn’t falter in the breeze.


They don’t care, nor can tell,

But they kill when they breathe.

They suck air, and brashly yell,

But they still spread their disease.


When he smiles, we are strong,

But he doesn’t know his effect.

With the miles, he helps along,

And he earns all their respect.


Nobody will say, but we discern

He is the brother we didn’t earn.


She is the flower of love’s fair
And the ship that brought us there.
She kisses the wounds on our knees
And calls us down from the tree.
She is warm apple ciders draught
After snow forts in an empty lot.
She is the tears that run down
When your choices introduce the ground.
She is the one who spelled fun
And showed us games under the sun.
She is a bent knee and clasped hands
And a whispered prayer to the Man.
She is the one who will cry on the day
Her training completes and you move away.
She is the hand of strength to little legs
Too weak to walk in those early days.
She is the song in a lullaby
And your home tell she dies.
Who has had such a friend as her?
Like your God given blessed mother.

by Ryan Wormald