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Living Perfume

It consumes the nose in its unrelenting furry,

And controls the mind it’s trying to burry.

Lines of reason are lost to it’s bottomless take,

While the way is slurred in its vigorous wake.


It wafts so freely from the most fairest of men.

So potent is its perfume it even taints the land.

Hardly can it be noticed by the clearest of minds.

While slowly it controls and usurps power from Hinds.


Radiating warmth, melts hardened ice black,

Centuries formed, and selfishly packed.

Bedazzling dreams, become inordinate reality,

Forever living, and eternally existing.


Troubled one meets, delicate soft rose,

Forever keeps and protects with pose.


Soft one remains, for changes begun,

Trouble becomes, tame, safe for the one.

A Dream Now Seen

Now I will show you where beauty flies,

And display to you its true breed.

There, under the skin she lies,

Always wanting to be set free.

She is displayed in a breath;

Held close in many dreams

Always she will pass the test,

Showing the world what she means.

Pleasing is her presence told, while

Outside we receive her prizes,

Embodied in her very soul: the

Mortal with angelic irises.

Be Mine

Will you be,
With eyes so bright,
And a smile so wide,
My date tonight?

Will you go,
With skin so fair,
And lips so full,
On my arm there?

Will you hold,
With hands so warm
And fingers so tight,
My heart in form?

Will you be,
With hair that shines
And kisses soft,
My Valentine?

by Ryan Wormald

A Melody of Strings

The piano strings bring to my mind beautiful things,
As the butterfly spreads its wings and flies away.
The sun lights the trees and tells me its spring.
As the rose pedals color bright my day.
The touch from the hand is softer still,
Than the breeze on my warm cheek.
Just as love in time is more than the thrill
So deepens the care of the willing and meek.
Dreams bring images of kisses and daises
As soft running streams drown sorrows away.
Even the quite voice carries far across the sea,
As the rising sun brings to us the warm day,
And the lovers kiss carries more with it,
Than the evening, tropical, pattering rain.
And it’s the quieter softer things that better fit
A world of love and peace without the pain.

by Ryan Wormald