Filth Chosen

What turns a wretched life from its deathly feast?
Who saves a man from the inward beast?
Where can he run to escape eternal shun?
What rock can bear the weight when it is all done?

Why didn’t the man see his deathly plight?
Where did the rest run off to in the night?
When did the man learn true fear?
Who made the foggy lens become clear?

Where did the strength come from to release?
When did he perceive the wrath to be unleashed?
Who made him cower in humble fear?
Who broke and taught scorn for all held dear?

Who breathes in men life to be set free?
Who grants men places in eternity?
Who picks men up off death’s cold shelf?
Who raises many men after himself?

Who knows all, and to all offers himself?
Where can men run and hide from the Son?

by Ryan Wormald

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