Have a Sore Throat?

Have a sore throat?
Sooth it in my blood.
Does your head hurt?
Smash my skull in.
Feet racked in pain?
Hammer a nail in mine.
Stomach not feel right?
Disembowel me with a knife.
Do I disagree?
Lop off my head.
Can your eyes not see?
Stick mine with a stake.

I’m here to bleed for you,
I’m here to be your pain.
Feed on my flesh,
Gain yours again.
Sometimes we just need release
My pain can bring you peace.

Can you not reach?
Cut me at the knees.
Are your hands too weak?
Mount mine on your wall.
Do you not smell?
Burn up all my air.
Does your skin itch?
Cut mine into ribbons.
Is your blood too thin?
Eat my brains.
Can your tongue taste?
Burn mine with fire.

Swim in my blood,
It was made for you
To drown your sorrows in.
Liar I want you to consume
My world and drink my blood.
I want to be your pain.

by Ryan Wormald

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