Internal Tormenter

My head in my hands,

My thoughts drift from here to there,

Yet somehow they always,

Always come back to you:

My internal tormentor.

I guess this pain is good.

How else would I know I am alive,

Without you tormenting me?

My love, my torturer.

To be away from you

Tears at me.

To be near to you,

Kills me.

With you apart from me,

My only hope is your return,

With you here with me,

My only thought is you to be closer.

My unownable obsession,

Free like the wind you are.

Can I catch you in a net?

Can I trap you with a cage?

My foolish mind wishes,

You in my pocket dwell.

It is so hard to protect,

That which is free.

You have liquefied my heart,

And heated my soul.

Your touch scares and comforts me.

The world becomes haze,

A blur in your presence.

My hands quiver at the sight,

The touch of your beautiful lips,

And they long for your soft skin.

Your crystal, angelic eyes,

Oppresses any hint of my bitterness.

Your voice too magnificently calm,

And beautiful for my ears.

Your gentle yet strong spirit,

Has encaged me.

Your Godliness is displayed,

For the world to praise.

Your worth is too lofty,

For mortals to consider.

If you ever knew,

I have become your servant for life…

The truth is I want you to know.

I desire you to see,

All that you mean to me.

You are my hearts tormentor,

You are my greatest earthly Joy.

I hold you over all, except Father.

I love you more dearly than myself,

Don’t you know I killed myself,

And again I will die for you,

If you ask me too,

My lovely tormentor.

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