More Than Pure Gold

It was once asked of me,

And this is my answer told,

What has value intrinsically.

What is worth more than gold?


Does it take bold shape and hearth,

Or will it fit into a special mold?

Can we measure its true worth,

Or will that value be untold?


Following is my answer straight.

Very deep in our nature it lies,

Upon our bodies it does dictate

And we can’t escape what it buys.


It begins for us at our birth,

Different than all that would be;

For it has the greater worth.

But then leaves us too quickly.


Time I hope is what you see,

It is everything’s hidden cost,

And can only be seen circumspectly,

Yet it for us holds the greatest lost.


The opposite is true of course,

That it can also be our greatest gain,

And bring happiness in fervent force,

If we know and remember its name.


Time can be our greatest ally,

Our greatest friend indeed,

For it can mend a hurt eye,

And discourage an enemy.


It can tell of greater days,

Or remind of ones long past.

It teaches us better ways,

And demonstrates what lasts.


It can both strengthen the weak,

And yet soften the strong.
It uplifts the mellow and meek,

While it teaches us all a song.


In it we both wait and live,

For our new time to come,

And wait for what already is

While there is much to be done.
Its brief stay is short indeed,

So let us all enjoy our time,

For soon it will take its final leave,

And give us a new hill to climb.

Coram Deo 12-23-04

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