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The Unsatisfied

I buy and spend all that I can,
Just to satisfy me.
I learn what I can to understand,
Just to satisfy me.

I do not understand why it does not
Help to satisfy me,
These things do not, that sit and rot,
Help to satisfy me.

I begged all the rot that I bought,
“Oh please satisfy me.”
To that which I bought, “what is my lot?
“Oh please satisfy me.”

My lot is to grasp not in my hand,
What will satisfy me.
For that in my hand is like the sand,
What will satisfy me?

So falls the sand, to grieve my heart,
Never to satisfy me.
Alas! The dreams of my heart do depart,
Never to satisfy me.

“Depart foul dreams, I want you not,
Do not satisfy me.
I love you not, you vile dark spot
Do not satisfy me!”

Now in this spot my heart does rot,
For it will not satisfy me.
In this rot I cry at the thought,
For it will not satisfy me.
by Ryan Wormald


While I Was Sleeping

When I caught a glimpse of her eyes,
I knew that I was caught
They were as dark as night flies,
And from their grasp I couldn’t be wrought.

Her dark beauty spelled my demise,
I knew that I was bought,
For those flies burned my disguise,
And left me there, where I always sought.

Her soft voice didn’t surprise,
But calmed more often than not,
Lacking any hint of lies,
I wondered if it would ever be fought.

I desired those fly filled eyes,
More than you or I ought.
With that crime I found my demise,
And discovered I would always be caught

By the woman with dark fly eyes
And soft voice sugar lies,
Who always flies after my demise
In my dreams and their hollow lies.

by Ryan Wormald