The Spark

There once was a spark
That burned hot and true
He traveled in the heavens,
Burned his way through

He fell to the earth
To play his great part,
He came here to burn,
To ignite a dead heart.

A flame he was not,
But nots can change
When they meet that,
They burst into flames.

That which they require
Is nothing less
Than that which burns
A flammable substance.

Any matter will do
A heart it can be,
And many times it is.
Something that meaty.

When hearts do burn
Hot and bright
Sparks where the reason
Why they did ignite.

This spark came forth,
Born in eternity past,
To came here hence
To burn bright at last.

When hearts do meet
Sparks turn to flames,
And burn us all,
To combine our names.

by Ryan Wormald

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