What the Torturer Couldn’t Do

He cut on my sinews,

And smashed on my head.

But its all he could do,

And from it I little bled.


What hurt me the worst

Was not beholding her frame

How I couldn’t see her words

Or caress her lovely name.


Oh to not see my ardor

Please don’t ask me again,

I would break any door,

Just to be with my friend.


Alas there is a door

Too strong to break

When he stands there

My strength to take.


Oh sickness is evil,

My friend he is not,

He casts upon the vale

And rides in the rot.


To feast on flesh

He thinks himself mean

But its not that flesh

That really hurts me.


It’s my heart in truth

That bears all the pain

Separation bit in its tooth

And my strength did wane.


Oh when will it end

My absence from her?

So I can again attend

My affection with her.

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